Shadowkeep and New Light are bringing with them plenty of new and exciting pieces of content, if the calendar for the upcoming season and expansion gives any clues.

The calendar, revealed in the latest This Week at Bungie, details a host of the live content that Bungie will be bringing to the game across Shadowkeep's lifespan, including what's going to be happening in the free seasonal updates.

Notable elements include the Vex Offensive raid launch date confirmation - October 5 - as well as the new Hero & Legend Nightmare Hunts, dropping a few days later on October 8.

The next two months are clearly going to be jam-packed with content, whether it be what we have to play through with the Shadowkeep release, or the live content, but Bungie's made sure there's maybe too much for us to play with.

Iron Banner has also been confirmed to be returning mid-month, while the Festival of the Lost is slated for an October 29 launch, and will run until November 19. That will launch alongside a new PVP mode titled 'Momentum Control', as well as a new dungeon for PVE players.

Check out all the new content coming from the start of next month here:


  • Moon destinations
  • Seasonal Artifact
  • Finisher moves
  • Armor 2.0 system
  • Festering Core Strike
  • The Scarlet Keep Strike
  • Widow's Court PvP Map (reprised from Destiny 1)
  • Twilight Cap PvP Map (reprised from Desitny 1)
  • Fragment PvP Map
  • Free Seasonal Rank rewards
  • Elimination Crucible mode
  • Iron Banner event (October 15)
  • Momentum Control PvP Mode (October 29)
  • Festival of the Lost seasonal event (October 29-November 19)


  • Garden of Salvation Raid (October 5)
  • Hero & Legend Nightmare Hunts (October 8)
  • Master Nightmare Hunts (October 15)
  • Dungeon Launch (October 29)
  • Divinity Exotic Quest (October 29)
  • First Raid Challenge (November 5)

Season of the Undying (included with Shadowkeep purchases)

  • Vex Offensive begins (October 5)
  • Leviathan's Breath Exotic Quest (October 22)
  • Vex Offensive: Final Assault (November 19)

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